Information Request (UCC11)

As of April 15, 2024 we have processed all UCC documents received in our office through April 08, 2024.

Prior to requesting an official search, you may want to use our unofficial search tool to look for results. This is particularly important if you plan to limit your official search to a specific City/State. If the original filing did not have the City spelled correctly, you may not get those records in your official search results. The unofficial search tool is available by Clicking Here.

Official search results only reflect filings as of the processed through date listed above. Official Search results are based on UCC document search logic rules which you can see if you Click Here.

Pursuant to Rule 1360-08-01-.08, fees will only be refunded for overpayment. We do not have the authority to refund fees if no search results are found based upon the search criteria entered.

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