Information Request Instructions (UCC11)

Who Can File Here

  • Anyone wishing to file a UCC11 Information Request.
  • Search the UCC database if necessary to retrieve the required information (exact debtor name, UCC Document Numbers, etc.) prior to starting the filing wizard.
  • An information request can be filed and paid for online (credit/debit card or e-check required). If not paid online, a check for the appropriate filing fee must be included with the document when mailed to the Business Division for processing.

What You Can Do Here

  • File or prepare an information request.
  • A service fee is charged if filing fees are paid online by credit card, debit card or e-check.
  • Pursuant to T.C.A. §47-29-102 a handling charge of $30.00 or the written amount of the item, whichever is less, will be charged on returned paper checks and electronic checks.

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