Instructions to Form or Register a New Business

Who Can File Here

  • Anyone wishing to form or register a business entity that has not previously been registered with the Tennessee Secretary of State.
  • Certain registrations can be filed and paid for online (credit/debit card required), although the selection of certain options will require that documents be printed and mailed to the office of the Secretary of State.
  • In most cases, the option is available to print the registration information on the correct form to mail to the Secretary of State.
    A check for the appropriate filing fee must be included.

What You Can Do Here

  • File or prepare formation documents to form a business that will be based in Tennessee.
  • Register or prepare documents to obtain a Certificate of Authority to transact business in Tennessee if your business was formed in another state.
  • A service fee may be charged if filing fees are paid online by credit or debit card.
  • Pursuant to T.C.A. §47-29-102 a handling charge of $30.00 or the written amount of the item, whichever is less, will be charged on returned paper checks and electronic checks.

Additional Resources