Initial Workers' Compensation Exemption Registration

Who Can File Here

  • Construction services providers who meet the business ownership requirements can file an initial Workers' Compensation Exemption Registration (see complete instructions here)

How You Can File Here

Have Questions?

  • For assistance with your initial exemption registration, or if you do not want to submit online, please contact Business Services at (615) 741-0526 or
  • For assistance with a certificate of good standing with the Department of Revenue, please contact the Department of Revenue at 615-253-0700.
  • For assistance with Workers' Compensation Insurance issues, please contact the Department of Labor & Workforce Development at: 615-532-1310 or email
  • For assistance with state licensing issues, please contact the State Board for Licensing Contractors at 800-544-7693 or 615-741-8307, email, or visit the website at

Registration Requirements

  • The full requirements can be accessed here.
  • The name of the business entity (employer) you are qualifying to file the exemption with. If this business is a Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership or General Partnership you will also need the Secretary of State Control Number for that business entity.
  • The business entity's Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). If you do not have an FEIN, you must obtain one at
  • If you have an active license issued by the State Board for Licensing Contractors, you need the license number and expiration date.
  • You need your local business license information (County license and City license). This includes the license number and expiration date.
  • To e-file, you need a credit or check card (an additional service fee may be charged for these online payment transactions).
  • You may choose to print and mail the exemption registration application form with a check (no service fee).
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