Search Logic
This page provides public access to the rules used in the Nonresident Fiduciary Online Services search.
Nonresident Fiduciary Search:
  • Individual Name Search: the search is evaluated for any fiduciary name that starts with the name values entered by the user. The last name is required to perform an individual name search.
  • Business Name: the search is evaluated for any fiduciary with a business name that starts with the business name entered by the user.
  • Only the first 500 results found will be returned.
Trust, Estate, or Person Search:
  • Search for the trust, estate, or person represented by the Nonresident Fiduciary.
Document # Search:
  • The user is not required to enter preceding zeros in the Document Number.
  • Only an exact match will result in a record being returned in the search results.
All Searches:
  • When entering your search criteria be aware that the number one ‘1’ and the letter ‘l’, as well as the number ‘0’ and the letter ‘O’ look alike in certain type styles, but are different characters. In both of these cases, depending on which letter or character is entered, it will generate different search results. Please be sure to enter the correct letter or character you desire when entering your search criteria.